Armstrong Chemtec Group, the Process Heat Transfer Specialist, has acquired SoliQz B.V., which adds a further step of Ultra Purification and compliments the benefits of Armstrong – Chemtec’s continuous crystallization equipment which has been developed and proven for over 50 years in the process industry.

SoliQz B.V. was established to commercialize the Hydraulic Wash Column (HWC) for a broad range of solid/liquid separation applications.  15 years of intense technology development at TNO in the Netherlands have proven that the HWC technology works at lab-scale for a wide range of compounds. This technology has been successfully scaled-up to pilot and industrial scale.  By creating a dedicated organization around the HWC technology Armstrong and SoliQZ see many more opportunities in the purification of bulk chemicals, bio-based monomers and polymers as well as broad range of specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates.  WATCH THE VIDEO NOW THEN CALL US FOR DETAILS**********************