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Armstrong/Chemtec has served the process industries for over 60 years as the world’s premier supplier of technologically advanced, proprietary heat transfer equipment. Our equipment is conservatively designed and field-proven to provide continuous, reliable, and safe service in a wide variety of duties. While not an exhaustive list, Armstrong/Chemtec equipment is used extensively in the following areas:

Oil Refining

Scraped Surface Exchangers & Chillers (Lube Oil Dewaxing/Deoiling)

Electric Heaters

Vertical Vaporizers


Chemical Processing

Scraped Surface Continuous Crystallizers

Electric Heaters



Polysilicon Production

Radiant Process Electric Heaters (SiCl4, SiHCl3, H2)

Radiant Electric Heaters for Fluidized Beds

Immersion Heaters (H2)

Vaporizers (SiH3Cl, SIH2Cl2, SiHCl3, SiCl4, HCl)


Downstream Petrochemical Production and Processing

Cryogenic Vaporizers (Ethane, Ethylene, other Hydrocarbons)

Vertical Vaporizers (Chlorine, Ammonia, Phosgene, Propane, etc.)

Electric Heaters

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