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Our design engineers are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry and have worked on thousands of projects. Armstrong Chemtec can determine the best type of equipment for your specific application and perform comprehensive engineering to exacting specifications and fabricate a high quality, reliable end product.


product-lineOur design philosophy and attention to every detail during equipment fabrication minimizes process downtime and maximizes process profitability. Our company's guiding principle is «plants that run make money» and we do all that we can to make that happen. Process, thermal, and mechanical design for all three manufacturing facilities are carried out at our main office in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Manufacturing is carried out at all three of our factories under the highest quality control standards. We are ISO 9001 approved in both Scotland and in Singapore and all three of our fabrication facilities maintain an ASME Code certified quality system. The USA and Singapore facilities have the Korea Gas Safety (KGS) certificate for Pressure Vessels and Chemtec Singapore has a Chinese Manufacturing License.

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