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Pilot Testing

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Armstrong/Chemtec offers a pilot testing program to help determine whether crystallization is the best method of separation for your specific application. Pilot testing enables process evaluation before scale up. A number of pilot units are available on a rental basis. The sizes of these units range from a 4” diameter b 4’ long jacketed section to 12” by 10’. These units are as small as can be used to gather reliable information on the process. The rental units are normally either carbon steel throughout or SS316 on the process side.


Over the years, Armstrong/Chemtec engineers have assisted with numerous piloting programs of organic compounds using scraped surface crystallizers. As a result, we know how a given compound will react and can often save a great deal of time and effort by avoiding tests that will not scale up. Since many different tests are usually required to complete piloting, testing is conducted at the client’s plant, where separation equipment, feed stock including variations, etc. are available.


Valuable information can be learned through piloting:

Heat transfer characteristics

Some idea of crystal size

Crystal habit and size distribution

Best cooling cycle and residence time

Methods of separation to be used

Crystal purity

Best solvent or magma ratios

Color pickup

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