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Tank and Stab in Heaters

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In-Tank Floor Mounted Heaters

These are typically finned hairpin type heaters, or finned multi-pipe type heaters with pipe ends terminating in headers. Fins are of our rugged welded helical (WHF) type. A number of such heaters are typically mounted on the tank floor with supports supplied by Armstrong/Chemtec. Heating medium supply and return piping and any interconnecting piping are by others. Such heaters can be designed to maintain tank fluid temperatures, or heat up the contents over a given time period. Heating depends on natural circulation flow created by convection currents due to the heat addition.


Stab-In (Through the Tank Side Wall) Heaters

Stab-In type heaters are installed in flanged connections on the tank side wall. Support depends on the tank connection itself and usually, a supplemental tank internal support. Stab-in heaters can be of two pass U-bundle type multipass serpentine type or bayonet type. All make use of our rugged welded helical fins (WHF) and depend on fluid movement by heated convection currents.

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