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Suction and Line Heaters

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Suction Heaters

This type of heater is used to heat viscous fluids while being withdrawn at a specified flow rate from a storage tank. The heater is installed through and bolted to a tank side wall connection. The heater is open ended to ease entrance of the viscous material into the enclosed finned tube bundle. Suction heater tube bundles are of U-tube type. Fins are of our longitudinal (LFT) typed. The motive force for flow through the heater is the result of suction from an external downstream pump combined with any available liquid heat from the stored fluid in the tank.


Line Heaters

Line heaters are similar to suction heaters except they have an enclosed inlet end with flanged entrance connection and are not necessarily associated with a storage tank. Line heater tube bundle and finned tube construction is similar to that of suction heaters described above.

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