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Finned Tubes

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We make two types of finned tube, longitudinal (LFT) and helical (WHF). We manufacture finned tubes in carbon steel, chrome-moly, 300 and 400 series stainlesses, nickel alloys, and many other weldable materials. We do not work with either aluminum or copper fin material. Fins are welded to the tube. This is to prevent degradation of the finned tube’s ability to transfer heat due to contact resistance as occurs with non-integral forms of attachment such as embedded and wrap-on types. Tube diameters of 7/8 inch to 4 inches can be longitudinally finned with 16 to 84 fins (3/8” to 3/4” high) around the circumference depending on the tube diameter. Welded helically finned tubes are available in diameters of 1 inch to 4 inches with 3 to 4.5 fins (1/2” to 1” high) per inch of length.

Finned tubes find use in process applications which involve a tube side (inside) fluid with high heat transfer coefficient combined with a shell side (outside) fluid with a very low heat transfer coefficient. The added external finned surface has greatest heat transfer efficiency and cost effectiveness in such cases. Our finned tube product line as shown below is very well suited for heating of highly viscous products stored din tanks. Typical process applications involve steam, hot water or hot oil heating of fluids such as stored asphalt, various fuel oils, lube oil additives and other materials with viscosity greater than approximately 10 centipoise.  We manufacture finned tube (and pipe) for incorporation into our own product lines below, and as well for customers who purchase for their own specific applications.


We can also offer finned heating element equipment for certain applications.


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