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Immersion Heaters

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Used for heating process gases such as hydrogen, air, hydrocarbons, regeneration gases, reduction gases and others to temperature as high as 1112°F (600°C), immersion heaters are perhaps the best known and most widely used. This type of heater employs a bundle of metal sheathed, U-shaped elements enclosed in a pressure-containing shell. Armstrong/Chemtec immersion heaters are used in applications where there is a relatively high heat transfer rate from sheath to process fluid.


Widely specified in the process industries

Lowest cost process electric heater

Direct electric heating

Predictable heat transfer


Enjoying the most advanced proven methods to determine sheath temperature, resistance wire temperature, and pressure drop, Armstrong/Chemtec designed immersion heaters to provide reliability and long life while optimizing heater performance and configuration


Significant terminal box/tubesheet standoff distance allows low temperature wiring/terminal

connection operation and prevents possibility of product leaking into terminal box.

Welding thermocouples to element sheaths assures accurate element temperature monitoring

for shutdown during process upset or other problematic event.

Element moisture seal offers protection against equipment failure and startup delays.

Welding elements to the tubesheet prevents process fluid leakage.

Large terminal boxes provide ample access for installation and maintenance

Duplex thermocouples (optional) allow for redundancy or spares provision

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