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Radiant Electric Process Heaters

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This type of electric heater radiantly transfers heat from an electrically-energized source to a pressurized process fluid contained in a pipe coil. Excellent for heating fluids such as Hydrogen, Silicon Tetrachloride, Fluorine compounds, Hydrocarbons, Air, helium and others. Armstrong/Chemtec radiant process heaters are specifically designed for rugged duty where long-term reliability is the major requirement. Special attention is paid to give even heat flux to all parts of the pipe coil. If required, separate heating zones are available when a specific time/temperature relationship is needed to obtain the best process results. These heaters are made suitable for installations in electrically classified areas by purging the enclosure containing the process coil.

Vertical or horizontal configuration

Outer enclosure crafted from extra heavy duty steel plate

8 to 10 inches (200 to 300 mm) of the latest modular ceramic fiber insulation

Capacities to 16 MW

Weights to 30 tons

Heat large pipe coils to high temperature (up to 2000°F)(1090°C)

Indirect heat transfer

Low maintenance cost

Operating pressures over 500 psig (35 barg.)


The heavy-duty Nickel-Chrome rod heating elements are supported at the insulation inside diameter by a high temperature ceramic material, which is completely thermally and electrically isolated from the metallic insulation anchors. The serpentine or helical pipe coil configuration is optimized to provide the best radiant and convective heat transfer possible while meeting your hydraulic requirements. Coil materials of construction include carbon steel, stainless steel and high alloy steels (such as Incoloy 800, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, etc.) chosen to suit temperature/pressure and process compatibility requirements.



High temperature heating of temperature sensitive fluids

Supply heat for chemical reaction

Thermal decomposition of hazardous substances

Preheat reaction components for fluidized bed

Heat thermal fluids (including heat transfer salts)

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