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Fluidized Bed and Reactor Vessel Radiant Heaters

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This type of radiant heater is used for maintaining or increasing the temperature in a prescribed section of a fluidized bed reactor or other reaction vessel. Such equipment is widely used in the chemical process industries and often requires high temperature heating. Armstrong/Chemtec radiant heaters have been widely used in such installations where typical duties are for catalyst regeneration/activation/dehydration or Polysilicon manufacturing. For this type of application Armstrong/Chemtec radiant heaters are provided in three 120 degree sections so that they may be installed around the vessel and easily removed for maintenance.


Outer casing steel plate

8 to 12 inches (200 to 300mm) of the latest modular ceramic fiber insulation

Large diameter pressure vessels heated (up to 2000°F/1090°C)

Indirect heat transfer

Low Maintenance


Heavy-duty Nickel-Chrome rod heating elements are supported at the insulation inside diameter by a high temperature ceramic material, which is completely thermally and electrically isolated from the metallic insulation anchors. The heating elements are offset from the fluidized bed or reactor vessel to assure even heat flux and prevent the electrically-energized elements from contacting the vessel. The electrical elements operate at standard three phase voltages such as 380, 415, 460, 480, and 600 volts.


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