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Electrofin Immersion Heaters

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These finned element heaters are especially suitable when process conditions or fluid properties result in a low heat transfer rate from electric element to process fluid. The fins minimize element temperature and thereby reduce the possibility of heating element burnout and product degradation. These heaters have all the features of our electric immersion heaters with the added advantage of packing significantly more heat transfer surface into a smaller diameter shell.


The fins are welded to a thick (0.095 inches) sheath to provide strength and corrosion resistance. Because of the thick sheath and welded fins, this heater is very durable and provides long life. A range of fin heights, number of fins per element, and the fact that each element is a complete three-phase circuit also make this type of heater extremely versatile. Electrofin Immersion Heaters are excellent for heating low pressure gases, viscous liquids and some two-phase mixtures of gases and liquids.

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