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Cryogenic Vaporizers

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For cryogenic applications Armstrong/Chemtec offers direct steam heated vaporizers of horizontal shell and coil construction.
The vaporizing process fluid passes through the inside of the coil and the steam, used as the heating medium, is in the shell. This type of construction is normally offered for fluids such as ethane, ethylene and nitrogen and frequently hydrogen chloride. However, the possibility exists to use our shell and coil units for other fluids boiling at temperatures less than the freezing point of water. Our unique equipment is designed and proven free of freeze-up problems for process fluid boiling temperatures as low as the atmospheric boiling temperature of nitrogen (-190° C /  -320° F). Many of our units are in olefin process service and fall into either of the following applications, each of which demands high reliability.


Flare Vaporizers Such units typically operate in conjunction with the user’s overhead flare drum to vaporize near atmospheric pressure liquid which arrives at the drum and needs to be immediately flared. In the case of ethylene the material is typically vaporized at a temperature of approximately (-101° C /  -149.8° F). 
Circulation of the cold process liquid between the drum and the flare vaporizer is by natural thermosiphon recirculation caused by the liquid bead acting from the overhead drum. The unit typically boils a portion of the liquid entering the vaporizer; any excess liquid returns to the drum with the vapor via riser piping, and then recirculates back to the vaporizer.


Process Liquid Vaporizers We also design and manufacture process liquid vaporizers which receive cold liquid from refrigerated storage. This type unit is frequently called on to replace or supplement feed to downstream processing units. These vaporizers must also have capability to change from an idling condition to full capacity instantaneously, so as not to result in feed interruption to downstream users.
The cold process fluid, typically ethylene at (-100° C /  -148° F), enters the vaporizer under pressure, where the liquid is preheated to saturation, fully vaporized, and superheated. These vaporizers are forced flow, once-through type. For ethylene applications pressures may exceed the critical pressure, (730 psia / 50.3 bara).
Our designs have been proven over many years of successful operation. Significant design considerations include the following:


Response Time  Units are very responsive, i.e. able to adjust more or less immediately to process changes from 0 to 100% of design load.


Flexible Coil Construction  This produces minimum levels of thermal stress and minimum potential for fatigue failure.


Freeze Proof Construction  Steam condensate is maintained well above the freeze point of water by proper deployment of internals, proper venting of inerts, and proper removal of steam condensate. We provide advice and instruction in this regard.


Materials of Construction  These include carbon steel, various 300 series stainlesses, nickel alloys include Inconel 600 and Incoloy 825, and many other weldable materials suitable for specific design conditions.



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