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International Sales – North & South America (1) 610 436 6080

A Track Record You Can Trust

For more than 60 years Armstrong Engineering has  been a leader in the design and manufacture of specialized process heat transfer equipment.  We supply oil refineries and downstream petrochemical plants world wide.

Armstrong Chemtec Group holds ASME U Stamp certification in all three shops. Chemtec UK Limited and Chemtec Pte. Ltd. are ISO9001 certified. Armstrong Engineering and Chemtec Pte. Ltd hold the Korean KGS Certificate and Chemtec Singapore has a Chinese ML.  All shops are approved either by CSA or ATEX for the manufacture of Exd electric process heaters. Our dedicated electrical control panels are designed to NEMA or similar requirements.  We are proud of our technical abilities but nothing says more about the quality of our company than the length of service our engineers and staff in all three shops have given, evidenced by employees typically remaining with us for 10, 20, 30 and more years.

Our mission is to help keep plants on line because plants that run make money. We do this by stringent design backed by years of membership of bodies such as HTRI and the Chlorine Institute and Eurochlor.  We help in advising the most appropriate applications and so enable our clients to select the correct equipment and follow up with unsurpassed customer service.  Why not contact us today and see how we can help you.

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