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Vertical Vaporizers

Armstrong/Chemtec designs and manufactures vertical bayonet vaporizers used to generate vapor from materials stored as liquids but used in downstream processes as vapor. These most frequently use steam or hot water as the heating medium, for which the vaporizer construction offers a degree of built-in protection against freeze-up. In addition to steam and hot water, other heating media include glycol-water mixes and various commercial heat transfer fluids. The vaporizing process fluid is in the shell and the heating medium passes through the tubes. We have built approximately 4,500 vertical bayonet vaporizers for hundreds of process fluids. Some of the more common applications as listed below. Regarding chlorine, we are members of The Chlorine Institute and Euro Chlor and have capability to meet their specific requirements. We have supplied over 1,000 chlorine vaporizers over the years. Not specifically listed are vertical bayonet Regenerant Vaporizers used in widely licensed refinery regeneration processes.


Ammonia                   • Propylene/Butene                    • Isobutylene

Di/Trichlorosilane        • C3-C6 Hydrocarbons                • Nitroethane 

Carbon Dioxide           • Silicon Tetrachloride                • 2,4 Toluene Diisocyanate

LPG Fluids                  • Methanol/Ethanol                     • Trichloroethylene

Chlorine Vaporizers                     • Sulfur Dioxide                         • Vinylidene chloride


We manufacture vertical bayonet vaporizers using carbon steel, various 300 series stainlesses, nickel alloys including Monel and many other weldable materials. The unique bayonet (tube in tube) construction first used by Armstrong for this application gives rise to a number of advantages as compared to other types of vaporizing equipment.


Freeze Protection - Of importance for steam heated units is that the condensate is warmed by the incoming steam, thus providing a measure of freeze protection.

Holdup Volume - The retained volume of hazardous process liquid is low relative to alternative designs.

Capacity Control - The liquid level and vaporization rate are self regulating with downstream demand, thus simplifying controls.

Unlimited Turndown - The unit can operate at turndown approaching 100%

Unrestrained Tube Expansion/Contraction - the tubes are fixed at one end only, thus free of thermal stress

Superheat - When specified at the design stage integral superheat capability can be provided

Small Foot PrintVertical equipment occupies significantly less plot space than horizontal options

Removable BundleThe bundle is removable and can be replaced easily in the field

Armstrong Experience - We are the worldwide leading supplier of this equipment, based on a wealth of experience gained over 60 years of designing and fabricating vaporizers from plants in the USA, Scotland and Singapore. We also design and manufactured horizontal direct electric and horizontal indirect electric vaporizers for various applications.

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