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Dewaxing lubrication oil represents the largest use of scraped surface continuous crystallizers. Wax has the same boiling point range as lubricating oil fractions, but has a much higher freezing point. Therefore, cooling crystallization is a very effective way to separate the two materials.

Many lube oil processing plants are quite large and require multiple scraped surface continuous crystallizers, often employing a number of units in series. Large plants usually require several parallel trains of crystallizers. Armstrong/Chemtec is frequently involved in the process design to optimize heat transfer, residence time and pressure drops, as well as determining the optimal use of refrigeration. A primary goal in designing scraped surface crystallizers for dewaxing is to maximize the time on stream between turnarounds.


Technical consulting services are now offered worldwide through Armstrong-Chemtec Group. These are provided by a Lubes and Base Oil expert with over 30 years of global process work as head of Base Oil for of one of the world’s largest oil refiners. Such services can include:

  • Training of Operations and Technical Personnel (with particular reference to Solvent Dewaxing unit feed train and filtration sections)
  • Review of Base Oil unit Operations to identify potential opportunities for improvement/optimisation
  • Troubleshooting Base Oil unit operational problems

Service provision may include site visits or review of process data and unit configuration provided by the client.

These Consulting Services offered by the Armstrong-Chemtec Group are focussed upon Solvent Dewaxing units. However in some instances, problem resolution & base oil complex optimisation necessitates consideration of the upstream units as well as analysis of feed and product qualities – our representative also has considerable experience of the De-Asphalting and Solvent Extraction processes as well of base oil complex quality considerations.

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