There are many great reasons to consider impedance heating. Simply put, it is a safe, unique, and proven method for pipeline heating. In fact, the piping becomes the heating element (when low AC voltage is applied). The type of heating is ubiquitous because the entirety of the pipe will act like the heating element. Another benefit of this type of heating is its ability to have a wide temperature range. In some cases, heating applications range from freezing to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Reasons to consider impedance heating over other methods of heating include:

  • No need for routine maintenance.
  • No leaky jackets: with impedance heating, there is no leaking steam-lines, no pump failures, and no cracked steam traps.
  • Reduction in overall energy consumption: All heat is concentrated within the pipe, which keeps warm the product traveling through the piping. Other heating methods require a cable insulation jacket, steam tracing pipe, or clamp-on style system, which all draw extra energy.
  • Lower voltage while operating.
  • No hot spots: this type of heating eliminates the dangers of overheating.

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